Our Ranges

Innovation guides us in our creation of Bach flowers remedies to make theme acessible to all.
We are the first and only ones to have created a unique concept of natural products of well-being.

Single Elixirs

  • 38 Single elixirs
  • Controlled and certified Organic by Ecocert.
  • Strict respect of Dr. Bach original method French wild flowers.

Dropper bottle 10 ml

Combination Elixirs with Bach flowers

  • Ready to use remedies of exclusive blends
  • 24 elixirs to answer everyday life problems*
    – Easy to use
    – Certified organic by Ecocert

Stress, Anger, Depression, Dependancies, Fears, Urgency, Travels, Menopause, Detox, Shyness, Concentration, Decision, Letting go, Libido, Sleep, Energy, Stop smoking, Slimness, Motivation, Break-up, Maturity, Woman, Teenager, Trust.

20 ml dropper bottle


  • 5 references, 5 benefits.
  • A unique alliance of Bach flowers & essential oils.
  • To keep with you wherever you go.
  • Delicious and sugar free.

Quiet child, Stop-smoking, Stress, Urgency

Box of 45 gr.

Food Supplements

  • The first food supplements with Bach flowers in phials.
  • Controlled and certified organic by Ecocert.
  • Melatonin with Bach flowers.

4 food supplements: Sleep, Depression, Energy, Anti-stress Melatonin: Somniflor

Phial – 150ml

Pets range with Bach flowers

  • 4 combination elixirs for 4 types of behaviours*
  • Certified organic
  • Strict respect of Dr Bach’s original method.
    – Treating fragrance for immediate comfort.

* Worked with a veterinarian: Dr. Rousselet – White: Sadness, Aggressivity,Stress, Fears, Immediate Comfort trating Fragrance

Elixirs in sprays 10ml + air immediat comfort spray 50ml


  • To overcome everyday life difficulties
    A unique alliance of Bach flowers & essential oils.
  • Convenient, nomad and playful size
  • Certified organic by Ecocert

Urgency, Stress, Energy, Depression, Children, Menopause, Sleep, Slimness

Roll-on 10ml

Treating Fragance

  • Truly innovative by combining the benefits of Bach flowers and the properties of essential oils
  • Gas-free pump spray
  • 100% natural.

Urgency, Stress, Energy, Conflicts, Children, Sleep.

30ml and 100ml bottle

Eaux de Parfum with Bach flowers, Presence(s) de Bach & vivacite(s) de Bach

  • Unique perfumes which bring well-being to body and mind
  • Organic and natural ingredients
  • “Addictive” fragrances.
  • A full range of ancillary products: shower gel, body lotion, bath salts, soap.

Eaux de toilette

  • Unique perfumes which bring well-being to body and mind
  • Subtle and appealing fragrances.
  • Certified organic by Ecocert & Cosmebio.

Félicité: Relaxing Eau de Toilette
Harmony: Soothing Eau de Toilette
Audacity: Stimulating Eau de Toilette
Allégresse: Energizing Eau de toilette

30ml- 55ml-115ml Eaux de toilette

Anti-Stresse skincare with Bach flowers

  • Another way of using anti-stress Bach flowers.
  • Essential and simple line of well-being products.
  • Skincare for both men & women
  • Certified organic by Ecocert & Cosmebio
    – Exclusive anti-stress massage protocole

Retail and cabine size, 6 face products – 4 body products – 1 treating fragrance


  • A range of essential oils 100% pure and natural.
  • Floral waters and vegetable oils.

Floral waters, energized oils, essential oils, synergies of essential oils, vegetable oils, capillas.