Interview with Gérard Wolf

Recognized expert, passionate about Bach flower, president of Elixirs and Co, co-chairman of the association law 1901 The Bach flowers, co-chairman of the Bach of flowers Guild, co-chairman of the FIDELF* (Federation of Importers, Distributors and Manufacturers of Floral Elixirs.

by Véronique Geoffroy

VG: How did you get the idea to use Bach flowers for skin care products?

GW : Dr Bach himself wrote some examples in which he gave his remedies in lotion shape to help people distressed after a swelling due to a physical incident at the ankle or the wrist and it worked very well. In fact, it’s enough to be in touch with these flower essences through a liquid like alcohol, oil, water… or a neutral basic cream. So we tested in different products to go on the skin and were glad to observe the repetitive effect of the Bach flowers through the years with these different supports. Now we’re working at the final touch on a new cosmetic line which we’ll exhibit at Cosmeeting in Paris in September, which will be 100% Organic with the effects of Bach flowers, and we’ll offer them in 2 new institutes we own in Paris because we’ll transform this summer 2 of our exclusive shops to set up these wellness cares through skin care.

VG : Where is the difference between Les Fleurs de Bach products and other aromatherapy products ?

GW :The Original Method of making these flower essences is totally opposite to aromatherapy. But nevertheless, we decide to make a bridge between the 2 worlds in combining the best of the 2 worlds, since more than 12 years now in our exclusive 3 Mood and Atmosphere Perfumes which help in three essentials situations : calm down when there are conflicts, Relax and unwind when there is stress, brings peace when there is emotional turmoil.
Their effect is maximum at the emotional level, when in problems, in crisis, fears, distress, uncertainty, lack of confidence, stress, shocks…
There is no side effect, they are safe and everybody can use them with no danger.

VG : How are the perfumes and body products to be used? Should they be used over a longer period of time or should they be use occasionally/according to requirements?

GW : Our Bach flowers world is generous and benevolent. Our products are designed to give pleasure and wellness to those who wear them once occasionally or on the long run. Moreover, if someone is in need to take some Bach flowers which are part of the skincare or perfumes products, the Bach flowers included will help because it’s enough to be in touch, even topically, to have the benefit of the effects.

VG : Are the products of your range equally effective as your elixirs or should they be used in addition?

GW :We deliver in all our product lines, for each and every single product, the same 1/250 quantity of Bach flowers. This means that all our products have the same efficiency potential. We believe that someone asking or needing Bach flowers should have their full effect. It’s so beautiful when you feel relieved! This is why our company will never transgress this 1/250 rule. So, our Elixirs and Skincare products have full Bach potency and should be used for the needed purpose.