Elixirs & Co Bach Flower Food Supplement

Elixirs & Co has won the Marie-France Wellness prize for its Bach flower food sleep.

Elixirs & Co Bach Flower food Supplement is a unique product on the market because of its specific composition of Bach flowers (Star of Bethlehem, white and red chestnut, aspen, verbena) and the synergy of plant active ingredients (valerian, poppy, meadow queen, passionflower). This combination will naturally promote a restful sleep and peaceful nights. Its certification as an organic product by Ecocert is not insignificant. If you suffer from sleep disorders and are looking for a natural solution, the sleep supplement with Bach flowers may be the solution!


For some people, peaceful sleep is an utopia, but the hard reality is that falling asleep can be challenging as well as not waking up during the night. Elixirs & Co sleep supplement favor a calm and restfull night, falling asleep is eased as well as an undisturbed night. A phial in the morning and evening will help you say goodbye to your worst nightmare : insomnia.

Note also that it is the only product of 10 days (20 phials) which combines plants and flowers of Bach for a synergic effect. Finally, the extreme quality of its natural assets is to be emphasized as it should be known that Bach flowers are made in a traditional way according to the method developed by Dr. Bach.


Our food supplements are certified organic by Ecocert and vegan by “The Vegan Society”, the international standard for vegan products. Thus, we respect the animal welfare by guaranteeing the absence of animal ingredients in our formulas as well as the absence of tests on the animals.

The Elixirs & Co Bach Flower food Supplement is available for sale at a price of 22.95 euros.